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Live updates: UK to hold moment of silence for Queen Elizabeth II; President Joe Biden arrives - USA Today Top Stories

People across Britain pause for minute of silence in memory of Queen Elizabeth II on eve of her funeral - ABC World News

Queen Elizabeth II and the Church of England: The late monarch's faith beliefs - Fox News Top Stories

President Biden, Dr. Jill Biden pay respects to the Queen as she lies in state, along with Heads of States - Fox News Top Stories

Queen Elizabeth II's youngest grandchild, James, Viscount Severn, 14, stands vigil at her coffin - Fox News Top Stories

Preachers talk about Christianity. Queen Elizabeth went out and lived it - Fox News Top Stories

Royal biographer offers glimpse into Queen Elizabeth II's childhood: She learned the 'virtues of detachment' - Fox News Top Stories

Queen Elizabeth II's insignia missing from Prince Harry's uniform, worn by Prince William and Prince Andrew - Fox News Top Stories

WATCH: UK man pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II with tattoo - ABC Top Stories

WATCH: David Beckham joins queue to pay respects to Queen Elizabeth II - ABC Top Stories

UK officials close queue to see Queen Elizabeth II lying in state, saying it was at 'final capacity' - ABC World News

Queen Elizabeth II funeral: Prince George and Princess Charlotte will walk behind Her Majesty's coffin - Fox News Top Stories

Reagan Library spokesperson remembers special friendship between Queen Elizabeth II and former president - Fox News Top Stories

Queen Elizabeth II's queue in 14 hours - Fox News Top Stories

UK marks one-minute silence for Queen Elizabeth II - BBC Top Stories

Camilla, the queen consort: What to know about her two kids - Fox News Top Stories

The queen and her American cowboy: 'We had an extremely close relationship' - USA Today Top Stories

Illustrated scenes from the streets of London as the queen is laid to rest - USA Today Top Stories

Queen Elizabeth's funeral: Order of service - BBC Top Stories

eBay bans sale of Queen lying-in-state wristbands - BBC Top Stories

Reporter?s Notebook: 'Seeing' the Queen ? one last time - Fox News Top Stories

Grieving loved one in public is not easy, Queen told Sentamu - BBC Top Stories

'When the Queen spoke Irish, it made my dad's day' - BBC Top Stories

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