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The vaccine will be evaluated as a booster shot for people who have already been vaccinated against Covid and as a primary vaccine for people who haven't been dosed
CNN Top Stories

Covid vaccine set to trigger fastest retail sales growth in over two decades - NBC Top Stories

People with learning disabilities to be prioritised for Covid vaccine - BBC Top Stories

First on CNN: Biden's Covid plan gets backing from more than 150 top business leaders - CNN Top Stories

Greece calls for EU to adopt Covid vaccine passport - CNN Top Stories

Wegmans fined $1k for violating Covid mask order - CNN US

Covid has taken people at every stage of life - CNN Top Stories

Coronavirus infection leads to immunity that's comparable to a COVID-19 vaccine - LA Times US News

'It's a scary time': Cancer patients are frustrated at states making them wait for the COVID-19 vaccine despite federal guidelines - USA Today Top Stories

Covid lockdown: 'My closed hair salons cost me 1,000 a day' - BBC Top Stories

COVID safety: Unvaccinated teachers like me have reason to worry about reopening schools - USA Today Top Stories

Democrats' struggles to stay united are just beginning on Covid relief and Cabinet watch - CNN Top Stories

Coronavirus infection leads to immunity that's comparable to a COVID-19 vaccine - LA Times World News

Chicago teen secures COVID-19 vaccine appointments for hundreds of seniors - Fox News US

NIH launches research on Covid long-haulers - NBC Top Stories

Storm victims face a now-familiar battle: Covid - CNN Top Stories

India was in crisis months ago. Why have its Covid cases plummeted? - CNN Top Stories

Sister of Washington, D.C., mayor dies of Covid complications - NBC Top Stories

Biden's Covid stimulus plan: It costs $2tn but what's in it? - BBC World

Would progressives support Covid relief package if minimum wage is taken out? Depends on how - CNN Top Stories

Analysis: The two Americas of the Covid economy - CNN Top Stories

Sen. Sherrod Brown: How to fight the far-right and Covid at the same time - NBC Top Stories

Have a case of Covid variant? No one is going to tell you - NBC Top Stories

Want to hug again? Go to church? 'It's up to you,' Ad Council says in $500M campaign to promote COVID-19 vaccines - USA Today Top Stories

Dr. Anthony Fauci aims to answer 'a lot of important questions' about 'COVID long-haulers' in new nationwide initiative - USA Today Top Stories

Officials investigate box of Covid-19 vaccines found on a Puerto Rico street - NBC Top Stories

Covid: MP told to 'dress properly' for House of Commons debate - BBC Top Stories

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Biden admin sending 25M masks to community centers, food pantries in bid to help the poor
NBC Top Stories

Biden's move opens up legal avenues to migrate to the US that were closed off by the previous administration - CNN Top Stories

Biden's CIA director pick set to face senators in hearing - CNN Top Stories

Biden admin sending 25M masks to community centers, food pantries in bid to help the poor - NBC Top Stories

'It's a Minefield': Biden's Pick For Health Secretary Faces Abortion Politics - NPR News

Panels postpone vote on Neera Tanden, Biden's controversial pick for budget chief - USA Today Top Stories

Key GOP senator critical of Tanden's past tweets in latest setback for Biden's pick for budget director - CNN Top Stories

Connecticut girls lose support from Biden administration in transgender athlete case - Fox News US

The Biden administration is relying on a Trump-era policy to turn away migrants at border - CNN Top Stories

The future of the Biden presidency, the midterm elections and the fate of the GOP will all be shaped by a series of battles unfolding now - CNN Top Stories

Biden to order review on cracks in critical supply chains - CNN Top Stories

Biden To Sign Order Seeking Homegrown Fixes For Shortfalls Of Foreign-Made Items - NPR News

Biden to sign executive order targeting America's supply chains in critical areas - NBC Top Stories

As chip shortage cripples auto production, Biden prepares to step in - USA Today Top Stories

New shelter can only hold 10% of child migrants in U.S. custody. Advocates don't want Biden to build more. - NBC Top Stories

Biden State Department creates 'diversity and inclusion' position - Fox News US

Biden squeezed on immigration policy, bracing for border crisis - Washington Post World

Biden expected to diversify USPS board, cement Democrats' oversight with appointments - NBC Top Stories

How Joe Biden can rebuild democracy and heal America's wounded soul - USA Today Top Stories

High school track athlete 'disappointed' after Biden DOJ drops support of challenge to transgender policy - Fox News US

Biden Reopens Gateway For Green Cards, Work Visas Reversing Trump COVID-19 Freeze - NPR News

Federal judge in Texas blocks Biden's 100-day deportation pause in nationwide order - USA Today Top Stories

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Tiger Woods didn't realize severity of his injuries after rollover crash, deputy says
NBC Top Stories
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